Newest History Channel show explores lost hidden treasures in the Philippines

The History Channel premiered a new series focusing on lost treasures in the Philippines, buried during World War II.
One of the stars hoping to uncover it — a shipping company owner living out his childhood dream.

Manny Paez traveled with the A&E Channel to film “Lost Gold of World War II in the Philippines.


“We have a team of experts investigators, engineers to solve the mystery of these lost treasure. So we have people that’s experts in bombs, demolition, experts in treasure hunting, experts in engineering things like that and we also have the best equipment at this time, that’s the nice thing about it. Never in this time has this been done there’s enough funding, there’s enough expertise that was put together to solve this mystery…”

For Paez, the show gave him a chance to live out his childhood on the small screen.

“When I was younger, that the time when all the movies and tv shows in the Philippines are about the Japanese guerillas treasure hunting things like that, so at an early age I was already exposed in treasure hunting in the Philippines, and when I got here when I saw this TV series being done, it interested me and I went in and applied.”

He also believes this series will showcase a rich history and draw travelers to the Philippines.

“This will generate a lot of interest among foreigners to visit the Philippines, plus they will see the beauty of the Philippines  –and of course the people.”

The 8-part series of Lost Gold of World War II will begin airing weekly on March 19th.

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