New Yorkers prepare for looting and destruction as protests against police brutality escalate

NEW YORK — These protestors’ cries against racism and injustice were heard loud and clear on the streets of New York.

Despite being muffled by masks, these protesters’ cry against racism and injustice were heard loud and clear on Tuesday — in the ongoing nationwide protests against police brutality – which exploded following the killing of unarmed black man, George Floyd, while in custody.

But the day’s peaceful protests would turn violent at night — and New Yorkers once again braced themselves for the worst.

Looters have destroyed and created chaos in the city for several nights now.

Doctor Alicia Almendra works at an urgent care clinic. One of their facilities nearby was vandalized Monday night.

Also on Monday, the Philippine Consulate in New York boarded up the fifth avenue building – leaving only a metal door accessible for staff members.

Both Almendra and the consulate staff felt some relief Wednesday morning.

The city’s move to begin the curfew on Tuesday from 8pm instead of the initial 11 pm start the previous nights, appeared to make a difference.

But officials warned there is still another public safety danger New Yorkers are facing.

“COVID 19 is still a real threat, we’re still battling that. I know it’s not on the front pages today, but still in people and in society,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Almendral said she’s worried about a possible second wave of coronavirus cases from all the large protests. Despite the curfews and lockdowns, her work continues.

“In fact, last night, we went to a nursing home, to swab employees so that was from 10 to 12.”

On Tuesday, New York saw the lowest COVID-19 death toll, at 58. Nine out of 10 regions in the state are reopening.

New York City meanwhile, is preparing to reopen on Monday, and that includes the Philippine consulate, for as long as protests stay peaceful.

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