New York Bronx-Lebanon hospital shooting update

BRONX, NY — The gunman who opened fire at the Bronx-Lebanon hospital last Friday — killing a doctor and wounding six others — turned out to be a disgruntled employee who had a troubled past.

Doctor Henry Bello was forced to resign from the Bronx-Lebanon in 2015, after he was accused of sexually harassing a co-worker.

He even threatened to kill several people before leaving the hospital after his termination, according to one of the doctors, but he never acted on his threat until Friday.

Latest reports also say Bello had past arrest records, struggled with money and lived in homeless shelters.

A week before the shooting, Bello was fired from a job as caseworker for AIDS and HIV patients for the city of New York.

Reports say he stopped showing up for work on April 11, but was not fired until June 21st.

In an email he sent to the Daily News office, just two hours before his shooting spree, Bello blamed hospital officials for allegedly derailing his medical career.

He wrote: all these bogus complaints are the work of a doctor, who felt the hospital should not have never hired him.

The doctor allegedly made sure that Bello never completed his program, and that prevented him from getting his license to practice medicine.

Filipino nurses working on the first floor ER were not immediately aware of the shooting on the 16th and 17th floor, and kept on working.

“Wala kasi akong alam, nasa triage kasi ako nung nagyari, basta yung narinig ko na lang na meron shooting sa 16 tapos sa 17, dinala sa code room yung pasyente, yung doctor nay un, hindi ko masyado nakuha ang kwento kasi natakot na rin ako,” said ER nurse Julie Cabanera.

Bello’s intended target this time, Dr. Kamran Ahmed, was off from work on the day of the attack.

Instead, Dr. Tracy Tam was killed. Tam was covering a shift for a coworker and was supposed to be off that day.

Bello then turned the gun on himself, using a rifle he bought 8 days before the rampage.

Lucia Tagle says Bello may not have done what he did if only he had some kind of support from friends, family, or even coworkers.

“When people are having problems, listen to them,” said Tagle. “I dunno what happened to this  person maybe wala siyang matakbuhan. It’s so important to talk and to have friends and good support system and be there for friends who are in need.”

The six wounded people in the attack remain in the hospital.


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