New York addresses coronavirus crisis, with confirmed cases rising to more than 37,000

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is still in the thick of things when it comes to fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

New York has become the epicenter of the outbreak in the U.S. — with more than 37,000 cases, and 280 deaths.

And while officials are calling for more federal help, New York is finding innovative ways to save lives.

On Thursday, Cuomo shared they are now splitting ventilators with patients.

“We’re still shopping for ventilators all across the country. We need more. We have approved the technology that allows one ventilator to serve two patients, what they call splitting, which is where you add a second set of tubes to the ventilator to do two patients. It’s not ideal, but we believe it’s workable.”

Some relief for New York — Cuomo said they finally have enough personal protective equipment, or PPE, gear.

“The New York city hospital system confirmed that. So we have enough in stock now for the immediate needs.”

Regarding the historic stimulus package that recently passed in the Senate, Cuomo said that while it will help the unemployed, it won’t do much for the state.

“The stimulus bill helped unemployment insurance, and that is a good thing. It helps small businesses and that is a good thing. It did not help local governments or state governments and it did not address the governmental loss.” 

“New York state receives five billion dollars from the stimulus. New York state government, and it’s earmarked only for COVID virus expenses, which means it does absolutely nothing for us in terms of lost revenue to the state.”

Meanwhile across the country, San Francisco is fearing they too could face the same crisis NYC is going through.

SF Mayor London Breed is now appealing for more ventilators and hospital beds, saying they will fall short if they don’t act fast.

“Sadly, things are going to get worse. As a result, we have been working to make sure that we identify the existing resources that we have in our healthcare system, and that we look to increase our capacity, so that when that surge hits in San Francisco, that we are prepared.”

Right now we have about 1300 medical, surgical beds and 200 ICU beds. We definitely need a lot more than that.”

Mayor Breed added they will also require 5000 more hospital beds and 1500 ventilators… as well as more doctors, nurses, and enough PPE gear for their use.

To date, San Francisco has 223 cases of COVID-19 with 2 deaths.

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  • Mario
    27 March 2020 at 9:54 pm - Reply

    To all our Kababayan, call your friends, relatives in PH to apply online at the US Embassy website. TRUMP approved the immediate hiring of foreign Doctors and Nurses, past pending visa application is a priority. Pinoy Doctors and Nurses in unlimited numbers are a priority, already tested in the USA…..