New UN climate change report: global warming happening at rapid speed

PARIS — The earth is warming up higher than expected and the world needs to do more to keep the planet from heating up to dangerous levels.

That’s the latest warning from climate change experts at the ninth annual United Nation’s environment program report in Paris, France.

The report analyzed what countries are doing to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and whether they are enough to limit global average temperature rise to a safer range — below 2 degrees celsius.

The report estimates that global greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 could be between 13 billion and 15 billion tons more than the level needed to keep the global warming within the target: 2 degrees celsius this century.

Today’s climate policies are estimated to lower emissions by up to 6 billion tons by 2030. That means the world’s 20 biggest economies — the G20 — are collectively not on track to meet their 2030 pledges, according to the UNEP.

The UNEP said in 2017 alone, the annual greenhouse gas emissions reached a record high of 53.5 billion tons even after three years of decreases.

The UN report came just days after the Trump administration released its own congressionally mandated environment report issued on Nov 23.

The US report shows that climate change will cost the economy hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the 21st century.

But the president does not believe it.

Trump announced in 2017 that the US would withdraw from the 2015 paris climate deal.

Meanwhile, a UN climate conference in Poland set on Dec. 2 aims to produce a “rule book” on how to implement the 2015 paris agreement that would limit the rise on global temperature to between 1.5 and 2 degrees celsius.

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