New strategies for Bradley as he braces up for PacBrad 3

INDIO, Calif. – Not showering before a boxing match was part of Timothy Bradley’s ritual as he gears up for a fight.

That ritual has changed for the PacBrad 3 showdown on April 9. He now meditates, trains hard and takes a good shower.

This week is the first of four sparring sessions.

“I’m gonna get better and better with the game plan, different sparring partners coming in to test me,” said Bradley. “Different looks, different styles. You never gonna find an opponent like Manny Pacquiao.”

Bradley said that boxing fans are in for a treat because a stronger and different kind of Bradley is what fight fans will see.

“I’m thinking that I have a dangerous opponent in front of me,” he said. “Pacquiao still has that ability to explode at any moment; still have the hand speed; still have that power and he still has the ring knowledge and experience.”

Tim Bradley’s coach Teddy Atlas said that Bradley’s stamina and fighting fortitude has improved a lot.

“It’s called not getting hit,” said Atlas. “It’s about controlling the other side, understanding what are the right punches with a fighter as dynamic as Pacquiao.”

The PacBrad 3 fight may not attract as many fight fans as the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, but for Bradley, this is an important fight not only for his boxing career but because for him, fighting the Filipino boxing phenom is a privilege.

“Obviously he’s learned things from those two fights,” he said. “He is very smart and he understands what happens, why it happened.”

Meanwhile Top Rank CEO Bob Arum confirms that fight tickets are almost sold out.

“Ticket sales are doing very well, we’ll have close to a sell out,” said Arum. “A lot of interest now in the fight. Teddy Atlas has given Bradley a new game plan, much more confidence than he had before. This is gonna be a terrific fight.”

Vegas casinos have Pacquiao at -230 and +180 for Bradley.

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