New Senate majority leader to Obama: “Now he needs to talk to us”

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – As required by the constitution, the new United States congress convened at noon in the nation’s capital on Tuesday. And for the first time in eight years, Republicans took full control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Republican leader Mitch McConnnell, who was sworn in as Senate Majority Leader, said he’s willing to work with President Barack Obama — but it won’t be easy. He explained, “Now he needs to talk to us–and that’s good. Because when the American people elect a divided government, they’re not saying they don’t want anything done–what they are saying is they want things done in the political center, things that both sides can agree on.”

It was a more dramatic scenario in the House, as Speaker John Boehner faced a tea-party backed effort to unseat him. The more conservative Republican leadership has accused Boehner of offering up bills to large to read and refusing to take swift action against the president’s so-called unconstitutional actions.

But in the end, Boehner survived the challenge and was re-elected for the position. Boehner pledged to make “our vital task” to improve the economy and create more opportunities for the middle class.

The newly-revitalized GOP leadership is also expected to soon go into a veto showdown with President Obama over the long-delayed keystone XL pipeline.

Meantime, outside of Capitol Hill, more Americans are not too optimistic about the new congress. A new CNN/ORC poll shows that about six in ten Americans believe the new congress won’t get more done compared to the previous one.

But it seems President Obama is making an effort to reach out to the new GOP-led congress. He wants to meet with the Republican leadership next week. Whether they can sort out their differences — well that remains to be seen.

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  • noz
    7 January 2015 at 5:59 am - Reply

    here we go again, the fishy CNN into putting up their brainwashed audience poll, say what? the previous unseated demonicrap senators were able to get more done under ruse reid?. really? they sure did a great job of blocking the hundreds of the elephant’s initiatives, that’s what all these demonicraps have done so far, they were even as their last hurrah voted against the pipeline, which will open more jobs for americans. that’s why the demonicraps were unseated big time. the new elected, reelected elephant senate majority have mandates in their hands, the same mandates that were trashed by ruse reid, in order not to reach obozo’s desk. obozo adamantly swears he will veto mandates that will topple his far out lefty ideologues, like as a POTUS is it’s all about him, and not about for america/americans. obozo’s actions are his own self exposure he is not a leader, and will never be a leader even if he is surrounded by his chosen advisors/counsels from day one he took the oath as POTUS, instead obozo not only mastered, but a PHD in his expertness of the art of lying, and the blame games he played very well. without a doubt, if obozo will insist on his commie ideologue alone, nothing will ever get done. obozo, as i kept on reiterating is very good playing the blame game with the proliferations of the lying, limping, lame stream medias devoted to obozo, no matter what, the stormy tide will run against both houses of congress, that its all the fault of predominant elephant congress, that nothing was done, but who is the leader here anyway?, oh i forget, obozo is not a leader, even if he tries very hard, he will never ever learn how to be a leader, that’s why america is in shambles.

    the lefty propagandas of obozo and his bozos are all supported by the limping, lying, lame stream medias, one of them is CNN. these socialists medias are into distortions of factual events. the segment of society’s millions believers of the lies of obozo were all blinded/muted by all the freebies of obozo’s welfare programs, and they are all the respondents of the CNN/ORC poll. obozo is a true commie, hiding from all his talks/speeches as if he holds the american values. obozo cannot admit his governance is un-american bc he knows damn well, he will never ever be able to fool determined informed americans. all obozo had done have been disastrous, one of them is his executive order of illegal aliens amnesty proved obozo is up to no good, entwining oneself love for illegalities.