New report shows disturbing practices in long term care facilities in Ontario

ONTARIO, CANADA — COVID-19 is far from over, but it has exposed another problem in Canada’s long term care home system.

Canadian military personnel were deployed to support staffing in long term care facilities in Ontario and Quebec last month, and they’ve come up with some disturbing reports.

In Ontario, they’ve made some disturbing observations about several long term care facilities they’ve been serving and we’ve shared this with the provincial govt. We need to do a better job of caring for the people who’ve built this country,” said Justin Trudeau. 

Ontario Premier Doug Ford released the report in full Tuesday.

In the report, various allegations against five long term care facilities in the province included: soiled diapers of residents not being changed, little to no disinfection of facilities, cockroaches and insect infestation, rotten food left outside patients’ rooms, forceful beating, causing choking, and more.

“The reports they provided us were heartbreaking. They were horrific, shocking that this can happen in Canada. It’s gut-wrenching and reading those reports is the hardest thing I’ve done as Premier,” said Doug Ford.

An investigation has begun and Ford promised justice for residents and their families.

“It’s heartbreaking but there’s gonna be justice. There’s gonna be accountability. We’re gonna get down to the bottom of this. To leave someone who’s fallen off the bed… it’s appalling.” 

Authorities said the report is a wake-up call to fix Canada’s broken long term care system…adding there could be similar situations in other provinces. 

Majority of the country’s COVID-19 deaths are related to outbreaks in long term health care facilities.

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