New reality TV show features Philippine community organizations, neighborhoods

The chairperson of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission, Gina Lopez, says that she has come across so many organizations in the Philippines that want to help communities get out of poverty and help the environment.

Lopez narrowed them down in a new show called “The Quest for Love.”

“The Quest for Love is a search for change agent, and we’ve already embarked on the search. We’ve come up with the final 8 and these final 8 will be part of a reality TV show. This is based on the experience that any community development work, the critical factor is a change agent par excellence.”

The Quest for Love is part of Lopez’s other project “I-Love”.

“I-love stands for investments in loving organizations for village economics. So what it is, I am a dot connector, and what I do is connect government, the private sector if there is a good, loving organization on the ground.”

Eight organizations consist of farmers, fishermen, indigenous people, and advocates in conflict areas.

Six of the eight organizations are in Mindanao.

The former interim secretary of the Philippines’ department of environment and natural resources, Lopez says that she hopes second-generation Filipino-Americans can help their families’ homeland too.

“We’re going to come up with budget tours so they can come and visit the place and see what they want to do, and then very soon on this address online you’re going to see the area development plans so you will know in what way you can help.”

The Quest for Love reality show will premiere in the Philippines on Valentine’s Day.

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