New Pinoy-centric PSA aimed to help prevent home fires

DALY CITY, Calif. – A new public service announcement regarding fire safety for the Filipino community shows a typical Pinoy family doing daily activities like cooking a meal, and what they need to do to keep fires at bay.

The California Fire Foundation (CFF) worked with the Filipino community in Daly City, CA to create this PSA.

“The greatness of this production, this PSA is that when you look at it you’re immediately drawn into it because you see a Filipino household where there is Filipino faces where they’re speaking Tagalog where there is cooking going on,” said Ray Buenaventura, mayor of Daly City.

“The message going out is how to not leave the fires unattended because often times we go to a home and we asked what happened they tell us ‘we just left for a second.’ Well, if that’s the message then it only takes a second,” said Filipino-American Captain Phil Cortijos of the Daly City Fire Department.

The firefighters also offer three basic fire safety tips for all households: have a functional smoke detector, make sure each family member knows the safest way out, and have a meeting place once outside.

“There’s sometimes when we go out in fires someone will go out the back door someone will go out the front door and someone at the front door says ‘someone is missing’ and they go back in not realizing someone is in the back,” said Cortijos. “So that’s also why it is important to have a coordinated meeting place once you’re safely out.”

The CFF says that they are working with other ethnic communities to produce the same PSA.

“They just said they got one in Vietnamese and in Spanish. We got those people here and we have people that can benefit from that message here,” said Mike Guingona, Councilman of Daly City.

Daly City leadership and firefighters says that these fire safety tips can be applied to Filipino households throughout the world.

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