New legislation looks to making housing affordable in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — Last week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously
approved two pieces of legislation that could benefit lower and middle class residents struggling to remain in the city.

Owner move-in legislation combats fraudulent evictions by landlord the first law will require landlords to provide several proof-of residency conditions when they want to evict tenants so they, or their relatives, can occupy the space themselves.
Raymond Castillo of the South of Market  Community Action Network says that many San Franciscans have been victims of these so-called owner move-in or OMI evictions.

He says this legislation will protect more tenants.
“They try to engage into buying out the tenants to move out so that way they are not accountable to the OMI eviction. They’re not accountable to having their relatives really move in, and they start looking for new tenants that could pay higher rent.”
The second law requires major developers to make a certain number of units affordable for low, moderate, and middle income families.

While this law aims to help financially — critics say these income classifications don’t reflect the true economic situation of many struggling families in the city.

Housing advocates agree that while these pieces of legislation are a step in the right direction, the fight continues to ensure housing in SF for long-time residents and newly-arrived immigrants.


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