New LA Consul General plans to build on predecessors’ successes

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN, North America Bureau

May 13, 2014

LOS ANGELES – A new head of post for the Philippines’ largest consular district in North America.

Leo Herrera Lim has begun his term as the Los Angeles Philippine Consul General which oversees the affairs of Filipinos in the southwest region stretching from Southern California to parts of Texas.

Lim’s previous stint was as Consul General of Chicago.

“I’ll try to build upon the gains of my predecessors in LA,” Lim said. “I’ll try to increase the awareness of the Filipinos and in our community and gain more respect for our people.”

During the 2013 midterm elections the Los Angeles consulate received the most overseas absentee votes in the US.

A trend that the new Congen hopes to continue as the overseas voting registration has begun.

“We’ll make a call to our Filipino community not just to register for the sake of registering but to be proud that the Philippines is one of the strongest democracies ,” he said. “So they can only be proud of that by exercising our right to vote and the first step is to register.”

Lim is excited to be in Los Angeles. It’s where many of the most high profile and celebrity Filipinos have set up shop. Also Filipinos here have made contributions throughout the region.

“People from LA county themselves have told me a lot of Filipino employees in LA county, a lot of Filipinos working in government or being entrepreneurs. So there’s a lot of opportunity to showcase the best of the Philippines in LA or Southern California,” Lim said.

Just a few short weeks into his assignment Lim has been very active in the community. He has pledged support for undocumented immigrants and domestic workers at a community event –even bringing some of the consulate staff with him to watch the Jose Antonio Vargas film “Documented”.

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