New Jersey legislators propose bill allowing undocumented immigrants to get a license

SPRINGFIELD, NJ — A bill, recently introduced by a handful of New Jersey state legislators, would allow the state’s nearly half-million undocumented immigrants of driving age to get a driver’s license.

The bill would create two types of licenses.

A real ID license for legal residents, which would also bring the state up to code with a new federal regulation that requires all states to comply with the Real ID program by 2020 — the kind of ID needed to board a plane or enter a federal facility.

And a standard license for undocumented immigrants, homeless people, senior citizens or for those who opt not to have their information scanned or stored in a motor vehicle commission database.

“What’s gonna happen is the motor vehicle is going to decide what documents are eligible. So they have to prove identity. You have to prove you are who you say you are. You are gonna have to prove residency in the state of NJ, and you are gonna have to prove age, obviously to show you are over 18 or over 21,” said Johanna Calle.

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice is among those that have been advocating to get the legislation passed, holding candlelight vigils and even a hunger strike.

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