New gadgets unveiled at Las Vegas electronics show

LAS VEGAS – This year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s largest trade show, is set to begin Tuesday in Las Vegas.

But over the weekend, organizers gave a preview of the latest must-have gadgets this year which include extraordinary wearable gear.

Many of these items have something to do with fitness from calorie to impact detectors, to smart bikes, and this jacket for cyclists created by Visijax that lights up and changes colors according to your arm position while biking.

“More people will cycle more often if they felt safe,” said Mark Bernstein of Visijax. “So what we designed is a cycle jacket that’s a good quality cycle jacket. It’s breathable. It’s waterproof, Teflon coated. And then we’ve added the electronics, about 23 LEDs.”

If there’s now a light-up jacket for cyclists there is also this smart bike that track’s a bike’s exact location in case it gets stolen.

Also making a debut this year is a device that you wear on your head to detect your brain’s stress level.

“You put it on your head like this and it sends your brain activity to the app,” said Thibaud Dumas of My Brain. “The goal is to help people cope with stress. Sessions are 15 minutes or less, three times a week. You increase your ability to cope with stress in the long term.”

Other interesting devices at the CES include a ring which doubles as a pointing device that controls smart phones and tablets.

Move over selfie. The new word in future technology is called the “allie”.

This allie video camera created by IC Realtech records all directions at the same time, and with a swipe of a finger you can see all angles while the video is playing on your device.

“There’s no more direction,” said Matt Sailor of IC Realtech. “You place it in the middle of the room you’re entire apartment’s under surveillance with one wire, and it’s accessible via you’re iPad, any of your phones.”

The 2015 International CES will last until Friday this week and big companies such as Microsoft and Samsung will have their own exhibits.

Samsung is rumored to be unveiling its next phone in the Galaxy series, the Galaxy S6, to select partners.

From wearables when you are out and about to home technology, this year’s CES will be showcasing new products that will be beneficial to consumers this year.

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