New developments about Las Vegas gunman’s Pinay girlfriend emerge

New details in the 2017 Las Vegas shooting investigation reveal that the gunman’s Pinay girlfriend deleted her Facebook account right before authorities released the gunman’s name to the public.


According to new court documents unsealed on Friday, Marilou Danley was in the Philippines when she made changes to her Facebook’s privacy settings at 12:30 am, and later, at 2:46 am, deleting the account entirely.

However, it wasn’t until 3:30 am that morning that police named Danley’s boyfriend, Stephen Paddock, as the gunman.


Danley also reportedly told investigators that her fingerprints may be found on some of Paddock’s ammunition because she  “occasionally participated in loading magazines.” The new documents do not provide a motive for the shooting.


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  • Mario
    17 January 2018 at 1:29 am - Reply

    Her fingerprints may be found on some of Paddock’s ammunition, the FBI has reason to charge her and I wish she was able to spend most of the money. I wonder why the Deep State and main stream media are quiet on this LVegas shooting, is it true Paddock converted to Islam before the shooting and ISIS claimed victory. Is the money brought by Danley in the Philippines has something to do with Marawi-ISIS. Is the media hidding something, no media follow-up and coverage at all.