New court documents released in Cohen investigation

Newly-released court documents on President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen show search warrants used in the April 2018 raid of his home, office and hotel room in New York City.

The documents also showed that special counsel Robert Mueller referred Cohen to the southern district of New York as early as February 2018 – two months before the big raid.

The warrant also revealed that Mueller’s office has been investigating Cohen since 2016 for lying to banks, breaking foreign lobbying laws and laundering.

Cohen has not been charged with money laundering or with illegal foreign lobbying at this time.

In addition, the documents showed that Cohen established an account called — essential consultants in October 2016.

By January 2017 money began to flow into the account at $83,333 per month until August 2017.

A total of $583,332 dollars was reportedly paid for by a Russian oligarch controlled company that was eventually sanctioned in 2018 for election interference.

This whole section on illegal campaign contribution scheme – an investigation on Cohen’s criminal violation of the campaign finance laws remains fully redacted.

Meanwhile – a federal judge in Washington DC approved a warrant in 2017 – to search Cohen’s emails for business dealings and hush money deals with women who allegedly had affairs with then candidate Trump.

The Mueller investigation also received approved warrants – on two separate occasions to track Cohen’s phone calls.

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