New CA study finds Pinoys not exercising vote

OAKLAND, Calif. – About 50% of the Filipino population in and around the San Francisco Bay Area are not registered to vote, according to a new study from the Filipino Advocates for Justice (FAJ), many of whom are young Filipinos.

FAJ Executive Director Lillian Galedo said, “Some of what was being said was they’re not seeing any reason to do it. They’re not inspiring by the current candidates they’re seeing. And probably not educated about issues on the ballot and I think the issues is what we really need young people to weigh in on.”

FAJ says that one reason why Filipinos are not motivated to vote is because the information is not accessible because of language.

According to FAJ, the 1.4 million that makes up the Filipino community in California can make the difference between many candidates and proposals come this November.

Fred Pinguel of FAJ said, “Whenever communities are informed and active they have a lot of potential because turn out especially in a lot of smaller races and local elections the margins are so small just a couple hundred or thousand can swing an election either way.”

Statistics of Filipino voters in the different counties in California and to find more information about voter registration can be found at

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  • Mario
    14 September 2016 at 2:31 am - Reply

    Filipino voters are not happy to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.Due to recent health problem on Hillary, she fainted during the 911 memorial event. DNC are looking for possible alternatives on Clinton just in case her health worsen. Some DNC members,already endorse Clinton VP Ted Kaine for President. Worse comes to worse, who will replace Clinton, not Bloomberge, not Jerry Brown,not Warren, not Sanders. On Hillary’s absence, Mr and Mrs OBAMA started campaigning for Hillary, there is a possibility for “MICHELLE OBAMA for President”.