New bill seeks to block Trump administration’s expanded public charge rule impacting immigrants

WASHINGTON DC — Democratic Senators Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut introduced a bill on Tuesday that would block the Trump administration’s expanded “public charge” rule.

“The public charge rule vastly expands the basis on which the administration can keep people out of our country and prevent people from staying in our country,” said Sen. Hirono.

Under the expanded public charge rule, immigrants who use government-funded programs like food stamps, Medicaid and housing assistance can be denied entry visas of green cards.

Hirono said the bill they introduced — called Protect America Values Act — would prohibit using federal funds to implement, administer or enforce the Department of Homeland Security’s expanded public “charge rule.”

The public charge has been an outrage in New York.

Meanwhile, at this recent townhall in New York City, immigrant rights advocates said that in actuality, only a small number of immigrants are going to be impacted by the expanded public charge rule.

“Most people who are non-citizens are not eligible for most of the benefits, like Medicaid and a lot of things — the primary issue however, is that because there’s so much confusion and misinformation a lot of people who will not be at all impacted are disenrolling in benefits,” said John Park, exec. director of the MinKwon Center for Community Action.

Park said 1.2 percent of Asian American U.S. citizens in New York alone have disenrolled or have not renewed their public benefits while 10 percent of non-U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents have abandoned their public benefits in fear of the new Trump administration policy.

At least, sixteen states have sued the Trump administration to block the implementation of the expanded public charge rule saying it’s unconstitutional and could take away federal funding from much needed social programs.

The expanded “public charge” rule is scheduled to take effect on Oct. 15.

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  • Mario
    20 September 2019 at 5:04 am - Reply

    This will win VOTES for TRUMP, US CITIZEN who are VOTERS are not happy to see their hard earned taxpayers money being spend to a GREEN CARD holders or called Permanent Resident,they came to USA and they don’t want to work. Why we US Citizen feed them, let those who petitioned, their relatives,take care, to feed them,… why ME…if we continue giving them food stamps, free housing, yet we are still renting it is not fair. We always blame the Democrat, when it come to giving foods stamps, and other benefits, therefore we will never vote for them. No matter what the Politician passed a law… still the same, I don’t want my hard earned 2 jobs money being given for welfare… look at their body, they are strong like a bull. Good job TRUMP