Nevada voters weigh in on mail-in ballots as Trump slams new state law

Nevada has joined seven states that plan on automatically sending voters ballots by mail. The move is meant to ensure Nevadans can vote safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic but has drawn the ire of President Donald Trump, who called the newly signed state law “an illegal late night coup”.

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  • Mario
    11 August 2020 at 12:21 am - Reply

    NEVADA a Dems control State has 6 electoral winners take all votes. During 2016 election HClinton took 47% against 45% for Trump. That time Sen Harry REED was active in Nevada and TRUMP campaign Nevada, one time only. TRUMP did not campaign in NY and California knowing he has no chance to win, so he focuses on smaller States. The mail-In ballots are the only way to defeat TRUMP, but history tells us the INCUMBENT President always WIN during Presidential protest, the reason for that is the President appoints his Postmaster General and Federal Election Registrar Commissioner. TRUMP started the protest already by suing Nevada State on mail-in ballots. NEVADA is 70% Christian, 28%-No religion, 2% other religion. Christians said TRUMP will be re-elected because of the 74 Million Evangelical votes, TRUMP is the only President who brought back Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. BIBLICAL Scholars said it means TRUMP prepared Jerusalem for the 2nd coming of the Christ.