Nevada Fil-Ams weigh in on Clinton, Sanders ahead of caucuses

LAS VEGAS – The race for the Democratic presidential nomination is heating up just days ahead of the Nevada caucuses on Saturday. Bev Llorente spoke to Fil-Am voters in the Silver State to find out which candidate they plan to vote for.


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  • Mario
    19 February 2016 at 1:30 pm - Reply

    The 2008(OBAMA-CLINTON)primary election, Clinton won the votes, but DEMs super delegates decided to nominate Obama, being would be the first black President. 2016, Clinton will be the nominee,whether Sanders will win more votes. Microsoft stop the count on 9 precinct,the superdelegate recounted it and victory for Clinton in Iowa.Sander a Socialist, and he will win on all States primary, because on single issue, HONESTY, 95%- Sander vs 5%-Hillary(she is known as a liar and disnonest).Another problem for Hillary is her health, voters does not want Bill Clinton to run the WH if Hillary wins and got sick all the time.Joe Biden miscalculated the Dems primary it is too late for him to come in. If Trump wins SC, there is no way to stop him, GOP establishment only chance is to rigged and broekrage the primary, but their boy Bush is way down at the bottom, they are projecting and the media want Rubio, because easy win for Hillary.If Trump-Sander fight, in my opinion, Obama will create a WW3 scenario in Syria,declare Martial Law, no more election and become the President forever.