NBA team honors FilAm hoopster

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau
Mar. 27, 2014

BROOKLY, NY – The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Brooklyn Nets will recognize Filipino-American hoopster Jason Brickman for his outstanding basketball career at the Barklay Center in New York tomorrow.

This former Long Island University’s basketball player is considered by ESPN as one of the nation’s best passers during NCAA’s last season.

Brickman, who was a point guard for LIU’s Blackbirds, recently made history by becoming the fourth player in NCAA’s Division 1 to accumulate more than 1,000 assists during his collegiate career.

“To be one of only four people to get to a thousand assists is a major accomplishment for me and I’m just glad to get all the love I’ve been getting and appreciation from across the country, especially from Filipinos,” he said.

Brickman joins the exclusive club of Duke’s Bobby Hurley, NC State’s Chris Corchiani and North Carolina’s Ed Cota.

Brickman, a San Antonio, Texas native averaged double digit-assists per game, 15 games with more than 10 assists last season.

He said, “It became a big goal of mine at the end of the season…I just try to find my team mates, make my teammates better, you know attack the basket and be aggressive and find my teammates an open spot.”

Brickman is studying computer science at LIU and is graduating in May. He said his next goal is to play pro in the big leagues.

A dream of mine would be to play in the NBA, that’s why I have to set the bar as high as possible. Hopefully, I get a shot to play and if not, I hope to continue playing somewhere, whether in Europe or in the Philippines,” he expressed.

An ideal NBA point guard is typically about 6’3” tall. At 5’10”, Brickman said he may be technically considered undersized, but he said it should not be an overwhelming hindrance to follow his dream.

He pointed out, “It’s really tough being a smaller guard. But I just have to work hard every day and continue working hard. Hopefully I get noticed by some teams. I just have to use my passing ability because it’s something that I excel in.”

Brickman said he plans to become a dual citizen and visit the Philippines soon. He said the last time he saw his mother’s birthplace, he was only a toddler.

He shared that his relatives in Texas always cook Filipino food for him. “I love chicken adobo and lumpia.”

He said it would be great to play in the Philippines, knowing how “basketball is huge there.”

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