Nationwide protests over family reunification, immigration reform at the US-Mexico border

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  From the west coast to the east, frustrations are heating up over the immigration crisis at the US border.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets this weekend to protest the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy, that separated more than 2300 children from their families who crossed the US-Mexico border, from May 5 through June 9.

The scorching weather did not stop New Yorkers from marching more than 2 miles under a 93 degree plus heat over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Even celebrities stood under the sweltering sun to deliver their messages to the pumped up crowd.

“Even Donald Trump is a descendent of an immigrant. I think what actually makes this country amazing, is that it is built by the labor, the sweat, tears the hands of immigrants,” says Padma Lakshmi.

Filipino immigrant rights advocates say Filipino families have also been separated by the broken US immigration system.

Rodrigo Bacus from NAFCON was separated from his mother when he was a baby.

“They had to wrench me apart from my mom also, I was only a year old,” he recalled. ‘To see that literally that is a policy that they’re implementing here as well. They’re basically mandated to take someone’s child and put them into a jail cell, that is absolutely horrendous.”

Facing domestic and international backlash, protesters say, Trump may have already signed an executive order to suspend the family separation policy, but most kids have not been reunited with their families until today.


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