“Nanay Ko” musical tells Fil-Am story of chasing dreams, representation in Hollywood

For many years, Filipino-American stories are largely absent on Hollywood screens.  Young filmmaker Mallorie Ortega hopes to change that with an original music and storyline, and she’s asking for kababayans’ support in helping her achieve her dream of increasing honest representation of Filipino culture on the big screen. Yong Chavez talks to Ortega, the writer and director of the musical dramedy “Nanay Ko,” on Showbiz Tonight.

This ‘Moana’ meets ‘LA LA LAND’ film is a coming-of-age story about how two generations view the world and chasing dreams.

“It’s been a story that I wanted to tell for a while. What really made me go for it was that I was waiting for a directing position. I was waiting for a couple of months, and I never heard back from them, and I suddenly realized, why am I waiting for someone to say yes to me? I know how to make a film,” Ortega shared. “You just need confidence. And there are those things against us: ‘Oh, you’re a woman, you’re Asian.’ All those other voices don’t really matter once you realize it. It took a while to realize that, too, but once it did. Click!”

To help support Nanay Ko, please visit https://www.seedandspark.com/fund/nanaykomovie.


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