MNL airport officials respond to US Homeland Security’s travel advisory to the Philippines

Responding to the travel advisory in the Philippines, officials from NAIA, Manila’s international airport, clarify that the advisory does not mean that they failed the security audit.

The TSA recommended adding more x-ray machines, metal detectors and alarm systems.

Security personnel and other staff should undergo re-training.

Security equipment acquisition is underway, but NAIA management admitted it may take time to be delivered because of strict procurement laws.

Even though TSA expressed the said security concerns, the International Civil Aviation Organization under the United Nations gave them a ‘generally satisfactory’ grade — which means security is at par with international standards.

Meanwhile, the U.S. says it supports the Philippines in its efforts to improve security at the NAIA.

In a statement, US ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim says they are working closely with the transport department to ensure that the Philippines’ main gateway will meet international civil aviation standards.

“Philippine authorities have worked diligently to improve security measures, and we fully expect that they will soon meet ICAO security standards.”

He adds that the US state department has approved a $5 million assistance for airport security improvements at NAIA.

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