NaFFAA senior advisor on issues not addressed during Democratic presidential debate

Coming into the 4th Democratic presidential debate in Ohio, for the first time, former Vice President Joe Biden had company at the top of the surveys — being in a statistical tie with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

And her opponents took notice — focusing their attention on attacking warren during the discussions.

According to Jason Tengco, senior advisor of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA) and former director of the Hillary Clinton campaign, Warren has got to get used to being the new target.

“A lot of that buzz is actually around Elizabeth Warren, you know she’s starting to act like the front runner, you can see that with a lot of the attacks from all sides of the debate stage on her plans you know from Kloubachar from Buttegig about how for Medicare for our plan is going to be paid for whether or not it will increase taxes and things like that….  and I think at this point in the game it’s so important for voters, especially Filipino American voters to see specifics around how these plans will be paid for, and the impact that will have on the country as a whole. “

 Tengco added that Fil-Am voters need to zone in on issues affecting them most. But he noted that some of those pressing concerns were not addressed at Tuesday night’s debate.

“There was a missed opportunity to talk about issues like climate change and like immigration, you know the immigration I think specifically about a lot of are kababayans back in the Philippines. The fact that we have some of the longest wait times of any country, some of the most people waiting to reunite with our loved ones here in the United States, you know, these are issues that really need to be tackled on the debate stage in front of a national audience.” 

According to the latest polls on the Asian American Pacific Islander community, the majority of Filipino Americans are not in favor of Trump — which Tengco sees translating to support for impeachment.

“A lot of the Filipinos I’ve talked to really want to be able to see the impeachment inquiry moving forward. They think that the US House of Representatives is going to vote to impeach him, but that the US Senate will not move forward in convicting him, obviously given kind of the Republican makeup of the Senate.”

No matter what happens in the impeachment inquiry or trial, the next debate in Atlanta next month will be even tougher for the candidates to qualify with even higher demands for polling and individual donor funding.

The bottom tier candidates will have to shift in high gear if they want to stay in the national spotlight.

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  • Mario
    17 October 2019 at 9:18 pm - Reply

    I watch the DEMOCRAT debate last night, everybody is after Elizabeth WARREN, you get shocked, the radical SQUAD supported SANDERS not WARREN,there must be a reason. In my opinion the young radical SQUAD has more chance to become a VP for Bernie, knowing that Bernie had a heart problem they have chance to become Prez, if they win. For Biden the big Dems donors are scared of his son Biden Jr, he messed up during the interview. But the Dems still pushing Biden being a moderate Democrat.I was waiting for the Immigration question last night but the Dems never had any good record on Immigration… They only used Filipino talents to get votes. Example Joe Vargas, he helped Obama and the Democrats to get Filipino votes. After 8 years they just throw him in the middle of the Ocean and left him, still illegal alien. Trump started campaigning in Dallas tonight..I normally watch at Youtube and loved to see the crowd.