Mystery surrounds death of 21-year-old Filipino in Texas

RICHMOND, TX — 21-year-old Jeremy Arceo went for a late-night jog, and never returned.

His body was found over a week later in a retention pond within a mile of his home. What happened between the time he left for that jog and the discovery of his body is still a mystery — and his family is still looking for answers.

On the 40th day death ceremony, friends and family gathered for a mass, then journeyed to the pond where Jeremy was found, which has become a small shrine to Jeremy’s memory.

In a BA exclusive, we went to the site with the family.

Toxicology reports found nothing, and the autopsy results determined the cause of death was accidental drowning with unknown causes. More questions in an investigation have given no answers.

“There were no bruises, no gunshot wounds, no stab wounds, no trauma.”

Family members share the feelings they experienced on that dreadful day, holding on to hope that Jeremy would return.

“The whole family is thankful for the prayers and support. It really helped,” said his mother, Mary May Arceo. “And we miss him. It is not going to be the same.  But we will try. We will try.”

The upcoming holidays loom large for the Arceo family — at a time when families are celebrating togetherness, thankful for the love and support, they say will have to take things one day at a time.


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