Murder charge added in kidnapped Filipina case

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – A murder charge now in play in the kidnap-for ransom case of 57 year-old Elvira Babb, a Filipino woman from Vallejo who has been missing for two months.

Prosecuters added a murder charge to their case against 26 year-old Filipino Emmanuel Espinosa, the primary suspect in the Babb case.

Though no body has been found, Espinosa faces the possibility of the death penalty.

Espinosa was one of four suspects in police custody for the kidnapping.

Babb was last seen on June 29 at Seafood City in Vallejo.

Her son John Babb received a text message from an unknown source saying they have his mother and would harm her if he did not pay the $60,000 ransom.


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