Mueller investigation closes in on Michael Flynn

Just days after Trump sent in his written take-home answers to the special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, Team Mueller is now recommending that Trump’s former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn deserves a lighter sentence — one that does not include jail time — for his substantial assistance to the investigation into Trump campaign’s possible collusion with the Russians.

Flynn is among the seven Trump associates who have pleaded guilty and are now cooperating with the Mueller investigation.

He has participated in 19 interviews in the Mueller probe, according to the court record.

But the biggest story in Flynn’s court records is what’s not in them — the sentencing documents filed by special counsel Mueller is heavily redacted.

This part says that Flynn has provided “substantial assistance in a criminal investigation,” followed by a large swath of redacted lines.

While this line connects specifically the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign: “the defendant assisted the special counsel’s office in a range of issues including interactions between individuals in the presidential transition team and Russia, followed by more redacted lines.”

But the most cliff-hanging redaction is this one: the defendant also provided useful information.

The question is who is this person referred to, hidden behind those rows of black lines?

Flynn, a retired United States Army lieutenant general has expressed in a past speech that no one is above the law, including the president.

Reports say that there is more to come in the Mueller probe this week, including a filing in court that would explain why Mueller believes that Manafort has lied to his investigators, expected to drop this Friday.

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