Kilauea volcano erupts, leaving Hawaii residents worried

HAWAII —  It was Kilauea’s most explosive activity: an eruption, officials say, which sent a dusty plume of ash about 30,000 feet into the sky.

It happened early May 17 on the Big Island when most residents were still asleep, around 5 a.m.

By daybreak, officials have new but similar warning: Kilauea volcano is not done.

“In addition to what we’ve been working in Leilan to include lower Puna area, folks be prepared in a moment’s notice to evacuate at moment’s notice due to increase in activity,” said Talmadge Mago.

BA reached out to Vicky Gacutan again. Gacutan, who has lived on the Big Island over 31 years told us two weeks ago that she was concerned about the vog. Her worry continues, especially after hearing the news this morning.

“My other co-workers said that the air was really bothering her coming here, it was giving her a headache.”

Officials warn that ash from the explosive eruption will be carried by the wind as far as Hilo, about 30 miles away from the volcano.

They are urging residents to stay indoors and close the windows.

“I think about that, just staying at home but if you have to go out, if you have to go to work.”

Meanwhile, due to elevated sulfur dioxide, according to Hawaii Mayor Harry Kim, schools in the southeastern part of the island are closed.

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