MP Promotions fighter Genisis Libranza eager to make U.S. debut

Boxing is always in season for Filipino fighters. This week’s upcoming card featuring a former world title challenger backed by the Pacman himself.

It took a few extra weeks, but 25-year-old Philippine flyweight prospect Genisis Libranza is ready to make his American debut.

The 17-win, 1 loss, Manny Pacquiao promoted fighter was supposed to be an undercard in Pacquiao’s pay per view fight against Adrien Broner but his opponent former world title challenger Carlos Buitrago was five pounds over the 116-pound limit.

“Excited Kasi para matuloy na talaga yung laban tapos napa gandahin mabuti Kasi ma tagal tagal yung stay ko dito maganda yung ano natin na adjust sa clima.”

The former world title challenger will be fighting this Saturday at the in Carson, California against 29-year-old Mexican American Gilberto Mendoza who boasts an 11-6-2 record.

“Kailangan ko syang daanan kailangan ko manalo sa Kanya para bagoon ko harapin yung ibang opportunity darating sa akin sya isa siguro sya binigay pag subok sa akin pag lampasan ko sya big opportunity naman mas darating pero focus ko ngayon sa kanya talaga kasi Hindi birong kalaban si Gilberto Mendoza Kasi maganda record nya tapos alam mo natin Mexicano. Talented Mexicano diba.”

Libranza‘s US-debut is part of Premier Boxing Champion’s Gervonta Davis-Hugo Ruiz fight.

While Pacquiao’s partnership with PBC opened the door for possible fights with several high profile champions including a rematch against Floyd Mayweather.

The Pacman has said that the deal was to also give his stable of 50 plus fighters a chance to fight in the US.

“Ang pressure anjan yan Kasi sa dami ng boxer pero isa ako nag bigay ng opportunity din maka laban sa PBC diba so Hindi small card yan. Kailala kailala ng boxing promotion. So imbis ako and ibang boxer malalaban sunod ng lingo binigan ng opportunity senator manny na expose yung talent ng boxing dito.”

While the extra time in the US gave him a better, more acclimated training camp, Libranza, also had a chance to train alongside both Pacquiao and Aston Palicte both whom he had a chance to watch in their respective wins.

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