Motivated Pacquiao will be bad for Bradley

LOS ANGELES, California – Manny Pacquiao took to the phone lines to address international reporters about his upcoming clash with Timothy Bradley Jr.

He assured them that the ongoing talk from Bradley — that the Pacman has lost his killer instinct — has motivated him.

“The more they say that, the more to inspires me. The more it inspires me to show him the hunger and killer instinct. It’s good for me but not for them, I think,” said Pacquiao.

He also emphasized that his religious belief has nothing to do with his failing to score a knockout win since 2009.

“It’s a personal thing… boxing is my career. And my God is always helping me, giving strength and it just happens that the past I didn’t knock the opponent out. It’s competition. Sometimes you knock the guy out sometime not,” said Pacquiao.

With the first fight between Pacquiao and Bradley ending in a controversial judges’ decision, the fighting congressman said he holds no grudges against the judges. It only inspires him more to be aggressive in the ring.

“I always trust and believe the officials and judges and what I need to do is to focus in the ring and focus on strategy and the things we practice in the gym,” he said.

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