“Motherland” documentary brings attention to women’s issues in the Philippines

MANHATTAN, NY — Ramona Diaz’s latest documentary, Motherland, already won a Special Jury Award for Commanding Vision at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

But that’s just the start.

Diaz’s new film is being shown in different countries with the hope that it brings attention to women’s issues in the Philippines.

“I’ve carved a niche out for myself for making documentaries that are seen in this country about Filipino themes so I figured I have that audience I have that niche, I better tell important stories, right? Especially stories about women.”

Motherland followed the stories of a handful of women who were patients at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in Manila.  The hospital is known as the busiest maternity hospital in the world serving the poorest population.

Reyna Devora watched the film in New York City earlier this month.

“It’s so interesting kasi we see ang ating mga kapwa Pilipino sa Pilipinas kung gaano kahirap ang ma avail nila ang mga services na we take for granted dito sa America,” she said.

Diaz is also hoping this film qualifies for one of the most coveted awards.

“Is the Oscar’s the goal? It’s always a goal, right? Yes, it is a goal.  But it’s tough.  Competition is so tough,” said Diaz. “It’s award season right now.  So I’m hoping a lot of Filipinos will come out and see it and start talking about it.  Cause it helps, it helps during award season if people are talking about it.  Hopefully your television audience will come out and see it.  Tell them to see it please.  Please come out and see it.”

Motherland was also recently shown in Los Angeles.  It is scheduled to be shown on PBS this October and will be available on Amazon Prime this December.



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