Mother sues United Airlines for flight seating arrangement

In Hawaii, the mother of a Fil-Am toddler, whose seat on a United Airlines flight was sold to a passenger on standby, is now suing the airline.

Last June, Shirley Yamauchi and her 2-year-old son Taizo were both seated during a stopover, when a passenger traveling on standby arrived with a ticket for Taizo’s seat — one that Shirley paid nearly $1,000 for.

Yamauchi then had to hold her son in her lap for the entire flight.

In a comment to the media regarding the suit, United said, “We reached out to Ms. Yamauchi to apologize to her and her son, and we also refunded their tickets.”

Last April, United faced a lawsuit after a doctor was dragged off its flight — but settled it for an undisclosed amount.

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