Most Wanted Professor Charged with Molesting Filipino Boys Extradited

By Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 20, 2013

LOS ANGELES— Less than a day after Walter Lee Williams landed on the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives list, the former award winning University of Southern California professor was arrested in Mexico and immediately extradited to Los Angeles.

Federal investigators believe Williams who has travelled extensively through South East Asia, especially the Philippines molested at least 10 underage boys, producing child pornography.

The FBI first questioned him in 2011, after a trip to the Philippines when a concerned acquaintance alerted authorities of his activities. Shortly thereafter, investigators believe that he fled, after indicting him, last April. He was later placed on the top ten list.

“We’re happy that this man is off the street we look forward to him being held accountable for his attacks,” said Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michel Moore.

As of now they believe most if not all of his victims are abroad. Authorities are now looking for more victims.

“We believe there are other victims who have suffered by this man’s actions and we need to talk to them. They can get assistance from us and we can hold this man accountable for the acts that he’s committed against them,” Moore pleaded.

Officials said the Mexican resident who tipped them off on Williams’ whereabouts is eligible to receive the $100,000 reward.

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  • kikayPang0
    22 June 2013 at 6:13 am - Reply

    Pedophiles have patterns to commit their crime , a heavily populated poor nation with corrupt leaders and influenced by catholic religion.