Most millennial voters not keen on Clinton, Trump presidencies

With the final debate now in the books, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hope they did enough to persuade younger voters. But according to a new poll, millennials say they’d prefer to vote for a
rather unusual option.  Rommel Conclara tells us more in this report.

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  • Mario
    21 October 2016 at 3:16 am - Reply

    I feel sorry for the millennials many don’t have foresight. If Trump wins, illegals will be deported,less competition,easy to find a job and they can demand their salary. If Hillary wins, it is OPEN BORDERS, ONE millennial competing with TEN foreign graduates, who are willing to accept lower pay,willing to work as temporary,or as a trainee. If he get hired,he will be working with foreign graduates, who are hard worker, loves to work overtime,they seldom take vacation, so chance of promotion is very slim.This is what is happening now.Hillary said on the first 100 days, all illegal alien will get amnesty.Expected migrants into US during Hillary 4yrs term will be 600 Million migrants. I wish Duterte or any rich Filipino businessman will donate several Million dollars at Clinton Foundation and ask from Hillary for ‘NO VISA ENTRY” on Filipinos.Ten Million Pinoys migrants in the US means we can control one City by votes.After 3 yrs under OPEN BORDER policy, Spanish or Arabic will be the dialect of US and minimum wage will be $5/hrs.Latinos can survive on $3/hr. During Bill Clinton term, Japanese citizen were granted, until now :”No Visa entry ” for 2months,then they can always renew at the US immigration office, same formula “money” for Bill Clinton that is the key for success.