More than 6,800 infected with COVID-19 in one day in New Jersey

JERSEY CITY, NJ — Most streets in Jersey City remain quiet. But that doesn’t reflect the personal chaos many are going through amid this coronavirus pandemic.

“I’ve been calling all the testing centers, no one answered. I know a lot of my friends posting on Facebook, call this and call that. Believe me, I tried every single number, calling. It was very frustrating….”

Queenie Velasco has been in a panic. Her husband Alan has been ill with some symptoms similar to what she’s been hearing for COVID-19. And he has yet to get tested.

“He even drove himself to 2 or 3 different places for testing. And he’s like no one here. All the places they gave you on Facebook or website or something, there’s no one in there.”

On Thursday, New Jersey saw its largest single-day increase in coronavirus cases — more than 6,800, only second to New York.

With 81 known deaths, different towns and counties in the state are scrambling to open more testing sites.

Some Garden State residents, like Maja Tolentino, said people should not panic.

“The testing kits are limited, that’s why I said a while ago, I don’t want to get tested cause I’m not symptomatic, so I’d rather have these test kits be done to those symptomatic patients.”

According to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, in New York-New Jersey area, 20 to 30 percent of those tested are testing positive.

His city has 130 confirmed cases for COVID-19.

Jersey City opened two new testing sites in town, one located downtown just across the river from New York. Just like in most testing sites, you have to call first and make an appointment.

News that couldn’t come soon enough for the Velasco family.

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