More seniors opting to use cannabis for medical remedy

TUSTIN, CA — A briefing on medication at this senior center, but it’s not about the usual doctor prescribed pills.

This is the CBD symposium, educating seniors about the benefits of hemp-based products from vapes to creams, oils and even edibles. 

The Pinay-founded 420 Foodie Club puts on events like this, hoping to educate people on the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

“Just because of how prevalent CBD and Cannabis is nowadays, we’re getting a lot more support from the community. And so for us we wanted to work a lot more with the seniors because they’re the ones that’ll be getting a lot of the benefits,” says Christina Espiritu of the 420 Foodie Club.

While these goods are marijuana based, it lacks THC, the chemical compound that produces the high feeling.

Some believe CBD can help Soothe symptoms like anxiety, pain, and skin irritations.

“It’s not psychoactive and it’s really for medicinal benefits our aim is to really educate the public and making sure that they A find the right product and b be able to have the right resource to find whatever they’re looking for.”

It’s a brave new world for 76-year-old Ellen Bitters.

 Shes found help with arthritis and sleeps better from some of these products.

“The ones I tried from the expo work for me, it helps me sleep,” said Bitters. “Overall I am still experimenting. So far, because I have three or four different companies I have already tried some of them work, the ones from the internet try not to buy through the internet.”

 As Bitters, a great greatgrandmother looks into more remedies, the 420 foodie club is hoping to find more open minded proponents — as more research is published, they plan on working with nurses in spreading the word of this alternative medicine.

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