“Mommy and Me” foundation supports and brings community to mothers battling cancer

COSTA MESA, CA — June is National Cancer Survivors month. But all year long, these Filipinas are treating these cancer survivors like queens, bringing smiles to their faces as they place floral crowns around their heads.

The Filipina-inspired, founded and run Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation gives support to mothers battling cancer, through financial aid, children’s education, family outings, and a peer support program.

This was all inspired by the founder Jennifer Boyd’s Filipina friend.

“I was ill myself and I was taking care of a young child and I realized how difficult it is taking care of a child while I was sick. I did not have cancer at the time or anything it’s just my friend,” said Boyd, “who was sick who had cancer I really wanted to help a certain demographic. Her name is Desiree David.”

Many of those involved are Filipinas — and many of them have personal stories.

“Although I don’t have cancer I deal with it, I had an aunt that had cancer, and I also realize that I could be stricken with cancer any times, and I would want an organization like this to help me.”

For the recent to the moon and back event, the foundation held a fashion sale, raising proceeds for the program as they celebrated women empowerment, and bringing together volunteers and donors.

“Before I started doing florals I was a nurse as well so I know what its like to be in the type of environment in my case cancer patients and just being able to give back to the community,” said Stephanie Mae Nación.

From fashion to shopping, food, and friends, and picture booths, they say this can sometimes be the best medicine for an ailing patient.

They’ve even been honored by the Ellen Degeneres show as one of one million acts of good.

“There’s probably moments you’re grieving, your health you’re focused that and time goes into going into treatments, and I think food, retail, and this event gives our moms a good distraction a good getaway maybe just for an hour two hours, they could just enjoy life.”

Last month, they celebrated mother’s day with their survivors holding their annual 5K memorial run.


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