BOB SALSBERG,Associated Press
STEVE PEOPLES,Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — Survivors, residents and state officials were among the thousands gathered in silence across the Boston area Monday afternoon, one week after deadly explosions erupted near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

At 2:50 p.m. — exactly one week after the bombings — many bowed their heads and cried at the makeshift memorial on Boylston Street, three blocks from the site of the explosions, where bouquets of flowers, handwritten messages, and used running shoes were piled on the sidewalk.

Bridget Horne, 28, who finished the marathon minutes before the explosions, spent the moment of silence locked in a group hug with other survivors.

Horne, clad in her bright-blue marathon jacket, had run to Boylston Street from her South Boston office with several colleagues to
mark the moment. It was her first time returning to the scene since the day of the attack.

“I just need to be with people who were there,” she said.

Two bombs exploded a week ago Monday as runners were crossing the finish line about four hours into the marathon. Three people were killed and more than 200 were injured. Many lost limbs.

A little more than a mile away, hundreds of state employees gathered outside the Massachusetts Statehouse to observe the moment of silence.

Gov. Deval Patrick bowed his head, standing with Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray, Attorney General Martha Coakley, Secretary of State
William Galvin and House Speaker Robert DeLeo on a landing on the great front steps of the capitol.

“God bless the people of Massachusetts. Boston Strong,” Patrick said when the moment had ended.

The officials departed without any further words as church bells echoed across the city.

The silence was broken on Boylston Street when a Boston police officer pumped his fists in the air and the crowd erupted in applause.

They quietly sung ‘God Bless America’ before starting to leave the area.

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  • noz
    22 April 2013 at 8:22 pm - Reply

    the surviving terrorist got his miranda warning from authorities, his terroristic crimes will be tried in the system of justice, the court of law with 12 juries. the case do gets drag on, the laws will be protecting this criminal terrorist, forgetting the victims, killed and the many survivors living with amputations, other victims are still hospitalized on serious, stable conditions. the defense lawyer or lawyers for this terrorist will argue for his innocence, will put forth death penalty to be out of the table, or will bargain for lesser charge with admission of the terrorist’s guilt. the admissible hard evidences, to be presented by the prosecutors are to be challenged by the defense, looking for leeways to discredit, meltdown solid evidences. technicalities on the favor of the terrorists will free him from the death penalty, or either will be handed down lenient punishments without full justice for the victims and their love ones.