Modern day Fil-Am shaman renews bodies and spirits for Lunar New Year

by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News
This weekend marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, a time where many like to refresh themselves looking ahead. Steve Angeles looks at an ancient form of healing with a modern day Fil-Am “abularia.”
Lyn Pacificar is a lifelong visual artist, with a background in the healing and spiritual arts — including reiki and shamanic healing.
She’s now sharing those ancient traditions into her own line of wellness products, called “Herbalaria” — a play on the word “abularia.”
The products use many natural Philippine ingredients.
“Its made with malungays, maringa leaves. You have maringa seed oil. You also have guava leaves. If anyone knows about guava leaves, back in the Philippines, guava leaves was boiled down for skin issues,” said Pacificar.
“You can drink it with diabetes. But I use it to steep in the oil, and take some of those elements to help the skin.”
But this is not just an ordinary cosmetic or herbal healing brand. It’s more than skin deep.
Pacificar can be considered a modern day-FilAm manghihilot, or shaman.
“This isn’t necessarily a skin care product. This is a spiritual care product. It’s a manifestation oil,” she says.
An artist all her life, Pacificar comes from a long line of manghihilots, with Waray roots.
She decided to carry on the family tradition, after her father — also a shaman — recently passed away.
“We are also community healers and community leaders,” she says of the tradition.
“I felt like I needed to create something that my clients, after they have a healing with me, would feel like they have something to sustain or support their healing process,” she said of the business. “That’s why I came up with these products.
As Filipinos celebrate and welcome the New Year and the Lunar New Years, she shares a some advice for those looking to move forward.
“It’s really about learning to let go of what no longer serves you, and just being ready to receive everything — that is 100 times better than what you’ve had in your life, and continuing.”
And that’s the mindset Pacificar brings every time she tries to renew someone’s mind, body, or soul with her healing product and process.


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