‘MODA’ vlog explores lesbian mom and daughter’s long distance relationship

CALIFORNIA — Keeping their mother-daughter relationship strong, despite being thousands of miles away from each other amid the coronavirus pandemic, can at times be tough.

But Tina Caunca of Milpitas and her daughter Yuri — who lives in Las Pinas, Manila — are narrowing their physical, generational, and cultural gap with their MODA vlog.

“MODA is for mother and daughter. Mo is mother, da is daughter.”

Their vlog explores a range of topics, from gender identity to teenage pregnancy, as well as ways to keep relationships and connections fun — even amid the pandemic.

“We interchange the topics from something serious or something fun so viewers can see our bond as mother and daughter. It’s not just about serious parenthood, there’s still the fun parts of staying close despite our long-distance relationship,” said Yuri.

This pair has a unique relationship. For their first vlog in honor of Pride month, they decided to share the story of how Tina, who works for a medical research company in Milpitas, came out as a lesbian to her daughter, a former Miss World contestant, now a flight attendant.

“Since grade six when I was in a co-ed school, I already felt it and maybe because I studied in an all-girls school, it developed from there. I ended up having a girlfriend. Yuri found out eventually.”

“When my mom had a girlfriend, we ended up staying in her house. I started having doubts about my mom’s gender identity. I thought maybe my mom was into girls. Of course, I was young and I had no idea what LGBT was about.  My perspective of parenthood was like mother and dad. I thought mine was different from other families. But I learned to accept it,” said Yuri.

June is usually a time for Tina and Yuri to be out and about celebrating at different Pride gatherings, but as this year’s festivities have been cancelled, it has also given Tina a chance to reflect on how the LGBT movement has evolved in different parts of the world.

As this mother and daughter continue to stay close, especially through their vlog, they hope that their personal experiences can serve as lessons and inspiration for others — especially for those with non-traditional family situations.

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  • Mario
    1 July 2020 at 7:53 pm - Reply

    Well if you think, they are a good family role model to your children, as a parent, it is up for you to decide. In my own belief if you are born a Female, it is a gift from GOD, therefore, live and grow like a Female. How are you going to explain to a child when he asks why, I have two mothers, but the other wanted to be called Daddy. The Lesbian are already confusing the mind of a young kid, is this not called child abuse?