Mitsuwa Launches Monthly Shokuiku Cooking Classes at Torrance Store

Press Release

Torrance, CA – Mitsuwa Marketplace, the largest Japanese supermarket chain in the U.S., held the opening ceremony for its Shokuiku cooking class followed by the first Shokuiku event on 2/8 (Sat). Over 40 families had participated in the 4 segments of omusubi (rice ball) cooking classes held in Mitsuwa Torrance store on 2/8 (Sat) and 2/9 (Sun). This marked the start of its serial cooking classes to be held on the first Sunday of each month.

“Shoku-iku” is a concept of promoting healthy lifestyle through food. Store manager Mr. Kishimoto said, “In an effort to support healthy living habits, Mitsuwa will hold monthly cooking classes to promote a healthier lifestyle”.

Parents and kids will enjoy family-bonding moments together through free cooking classes.

Japan Rice and Rice Products Export Promotion Association (JRE) sponsored this first Shokuiku event.

Representatives from JRE welcomed the crowd by introducing the importance of rice and rice culture in Japan.

The next Shokuiku cooking class will be held on March 2nd, featuring easy-to-make sushi. This goes perfectly with the March 3rd Japanese Girl’s Day. It is a traditional Japanese holiday for families to get together to pray for the well being of young girls, and sushi is one of the traditional foods to be served on that day. If interested in future Shokuiku classes, be sure to sign up at the Mitsuwa Torrance store.

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