Missing Pinoy in Lake Mead

BOULDER CITY, NV — National Park Service rangers and the Nevada Department of Wildlife Game wardens continue to search for Wilmer Dante Morales, who was last seen Friday at Lake Mead Marina in Nevada.

A 45-minute drive east of the Las Vegas strip is the Lake Mead National Recreation Park.

From this overlook, the water appears to be calm. However, this lake tops the list as the deadliest national park in the country.

Based on research and analysis of fatalities conducted by outside magazine in march of this year, Lake Mead comes first, followed by Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon.

Over the weekend, NPS reported 22-year-old Wilmer Dante Morales missing. Morales was last seen going to the water to retrieve a raft.

Fellow churchmembers and friends of Morales describe him as a happy man, with an infectious smile.

“I play basketball with Wilmer for the last year and a half, that’s where I met him at the basketball court. I would see him here at our church. He was very soft spoken, very respectable, he was always smiling,” said friend Jose Benitez.

Benitez adds that he is among the many people who are praying for Moreales’ return.


“It’s hard to believe unfortunately that lake has taken a lot of people,” said Donna Benitez. “It’s tragic, but it seems to be so calm.”

Between 2006 to 2016, 275 people lost their lives at Lake Mead. 85 of those are from drowning.

Authorities encourages anyone who has seen him or has information leading to Morales’ whereabouts to call Lake Mead National Recreation Area interagency dispatch.



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