Miss World Megan Young is keeping her coronation promise

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

May 19, 2014

CAMBRIDGE, MA – When Filipino-American Megan Young was crowned the first South-East Asian to ever win the Miss World beauty pageant – she made a big promise during the 2013 coronation night.

“Thank you so much for choosing me to be the next Miss World. It really means a lot to me and I promise to be the best Miss World ever,” Young said.

Halfway through her reign, the first Filipina to wear the iconic Miss World crown is doing just that.

Wearing the “Blue Crown” that is synonymous with the pageant’s mantra “Beauty with a Purpose”, Young did not only make history for the Philippines, but this Pinay beauty has created worldwide awareness about Miss World. She has also raised more than $2 million for her charities, possibly one of the biggest funds raised by a Miss World winner, that especially benefited Typhoon Yolanda survivors.

“I am happy, I was chosen this year as that symbol and that inspiration,” Young said. “To be a Filipino and doing that with the Filipino community, as well as with the whole world, is a great opportunity for the younger ones to learn about charity and giving back.”

“She’s fulfilling what she said,” beauty pageant expert Felix Manuel said. “She’s been to like around like 12 countries already trying to raise funds, trying to raise awareness about Miss World and her advocacy. I think she’s having a very very good reign.”

The Pinay “beauty with a purpose” raised at least $5,000 at a fundraiser held at Harvard University’s historic Loeb House in Cambridge, Mass. over the weekend.

The fundraiser to benefit the survivors of Super Typhoon Yolanda was organized by the Cambridge Fil-Am Group (CFAG) to address the needs of the survivors that may have been overlooked by the Philippine government.

“We are not really listening to the needs of the people and the survivors that are there,” CFAG Spokesperson Matthew Alonsozana said. “If anything we want to ensure that the structures and houses that are made are the ones that are most conducive to the development of children. That’s the focus of this event. It’s the focus of this organization.”

New York’s Philippine Consul General Mario De Leon said, “Most of the students are still in schools without roofs, and school is about to start in about a month’s time in the Philippines. So yun ang mga importante. Let’s try to at least focus our assistance on those that are much needed.”

Young promises to continue her support and raise more funds for those devastated by Typhoon Yolanda.

“I am glad that I am able to be there for other people and be the voice of those that don’t have the voice, and it makes me feel good,” Young said.

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