Miss Arizona pre-teen uses her pageant earnings to make 1,800 meals for the homeless

PHOENIX, AZ — This 12-year-old Fil-Am spends one weekend every month delivering food from her cart to the homeless in downtown Phoenix.

Khiana Provido is Miss Arizona’s Preteen, and she was inspired to pursue her platform of feeding the homeless after visiting the Philippines.


“It was a great experience — however there were so many people that were begging for money, and this made me very sad,” she said. “So when I went back here to the United States I thought of volunteering my time at a local organization like feed my starving children. They help kids in less fortunate countries like the Philippines, where my parents are from. I also thought of volunteering my time distribute hand packed food to the homeless as we’re doing today.”

Today, she’s made 150 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with cookies, crackers and bottled water. She says pageants give her confidence and feeding the homeless makes her feel good about herself.

“I don’t get scared at all because I’m very confident, and it makes me feel very happy because I know I’m helping to end hunger.”

The young beauty queen uses money from her pageant earnings and allowance to buy and make the food every month. That’s about 1,800 meals this past year.

Her father supports her community involvement.

“By raising her own money from her pageant winnings and putting it into her savings so when we need it each and every month we actually dip into that she does dip into that and use that funds to support these types of events each and every month,” said John.

There are more than 25,800 homeless people in Khiana’s home of Maricopa County, according to the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Khiana hopes to encourage more children and preteens to help in their communities.


“I think more kids my age should do this because it will make you feel very happy once you’re done doing this and it will make you help out more in the community.”

Khiana’s future goal is to attend Arizona State University and become a broadcast journalist.

Today, she’s hoping to end hunger in her community one cart at a time.

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