Millennials find creative ways to engage Filipino voters

LOS ANGELES — Selfies for a cause, as the presidential election cycle builds up.

The Filipino Voter Empowerment Project held its Through the Looking Glass fundraiser hoping to raise funds for voter outreach in the Filipino community.

“What do Filipinos love we love taking selfies so we had this idea of creating an Instagram type of party to raise awareness about voting and register voters here and also talk about important causes wanted to do something that was interactive and fun and also promote that message of getting people to vote,” said Alex DeOcampo, from the Filipino Voter Empowerment Project.

As these decked installations celebrated Filipino artists, designers, and even chefs, community members were encouraged to whip out the phones and post post post.

“The theme of the event is Through the Looking Glass, so I wanted to create something that was pink and like Barbie-inspired and kind of like the vanity makeup and girl things,” said Christina Oriel.

This unique event is about taking voter empowerment to new heights — and they even built a staircase so we’re moving on up when it comes to voting, and hopefully the numbers can elevate just like this really really awesome staircase.

While the event itself got the attendees excited, de Ocampo believes many issues from gun control to immigration have also helped spark voter interest.

“There’s so many issues that are impacting our community so no matter if you’re Republican, Democrat, Independent, there are policy issues being driven either through your local government or federal government, it’s making a big impact and films are going to be important in this coming election in 2020

FVEP says as the election does draw closer, they’ll not only be using trends but also technology, to make sure people are encouraged to hit the polls 15 months from now.

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