Millennials vote to inspire and bring about change

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — Big political moments throughout the year is what moved some of these young Filipino Americans to action.

“I know a lot of people prior to Trump winning, didn’t think it would happen. Now that we’ve seen his administration be effective, and they are actually putting some of their policies into effect, now that have caused people to get out of their seats and say, well now, I’m going back to my hometown and vote now because now he’s actually changing things.”

“Historically, it’s a challenge to get people to go out and register to vote for midterm elections, let alone to get them to cast their ballot on election day. But it’s even more difficult to get young people to go out and vote.”

A Pew Research Center survey shows that 62 percent of millennials are looking forward to this midterm elections, compared to just 46 percent in 2014.

The Pew survey also shows 59 percent of millennials affiliate with the Democratic party, while 32 percent identify as Republicans.

The Filipino League at Seton Hall will join a phone-banking party on November 4th to help remind registered voters to vote.

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  • Mario
    24 October 2018 at 12:28 am - Reply

    59% Dems and 32% GOP, same story as during 2016 election. Yesterday, Obama campaign rally at Las Vegas could hardly filled-up 2,500 seats, 2000 attended. Trump campaign rally 3 days ago in Las Vegas filled up 18,000 seats and 15,000 could not enter and just stay outside the stadium.Yesterday first time in US election history Trump had 100,000 voters attended in Houston Texas rally. There are 14,000 immigrants(Caravan) from Central America arriving soon, because of Trump economy LOWEST unemployment in US ever recorded for the past 50 years, everybody wanted to enter USA. The Democrat want open borders, what will happen to the millennials jobs, the illegal will grab them at a lower pay..The GOP want to close the border, but it need more GOP to win the midterm. In the gallup polls the GOP will maintain the Senate majority, might add 3 Senator, but the House of Representative the GOP might lose 2-3 seats, but still control the House.