Mike Bloomberg qualifies for Las Vegas debate, Bernie Sanders leads national poll

Billionaire and New York former Mike Bloomberg is a new rival in the Democratic race, after he polled in second place to Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

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  • Mario
    20 February 2020 at 1:49 am - Reply

    The Democrat in a panic mode, it is Nancy Pelosi FAULT who went into Impeachment, resulted in a higher Poll rating on Trump. The Dems establishment candidate JOE BIDEN went down and I think he is finished. The Democrat-aligned themself with the left Communist, Socialist and SANDERs grab the lead. The Dems felt that Sanders might be the nominee, they allowed BLOOMBERG to run. SANDERS has only one problem, want WARREN to quit to guaranty his lead. The first mistake of the Democrat as Party of Racist, is they throw out the candidate of Color, Hispanic-CASTRO, African American-BOOKER, and Kamala HARRIS. As I predicted HCLINTON will run again, Bloomberg promised her to be the VP, because she can rigged the DNC Super delegate. It is the repetition of 2016 election. SANDERs will be thrown out. Trump won because SANDERs followers just stayed home and did not vote. This time SANDERS might form a 3rd Party and withdraw the 3rd party as long as the Price is right from Bloomberg. Landslide victory on Trump because of the BLACK votes.