Midwest Pinoys welcome news of 10K new retail jobs

By Connie Macatula De Leon, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Sept. 5, 2014

CHICAGO, Ill. – Seven years after the Great Recession began, the unemployment rate rises at 6.2 percent with almost 10 million jobless people living in America, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It has been very challenging for some of our kababayans in the Midwest to remain hopeful, until the announcement was made by Meijer on Wednesday that it will add a total of 10,000 temporary jobs for the upcoming holidays.

Meijer, a regional hypermarket chain with 200 stores plans to hire 4,800 employees in Michigan, 1,700 in Ohio, 1,800 in Indiana, 1,500 in Illinois, and 1,000 in Kentucky.

The 10,000 additional jobs announced created excitement among the people in the Midwest.

As the Filipino community shares the excitement, some Filipinos say this will not only help create jobs, it will stimulate the economy as well.

“The more employees na matanggap, maraming pupunta dito sa store namin. Titiba kami,” Filipino store owner Gina Mangune said.
As a business owner herself, Mangune, has advice to the jobless.

“Ngayong panahon na ito, mahirap ang buhay, kailangan talaga kumayod, kahit na temporary lang, tatanggapin nila,” she said. “Tiyaga. Hindi ka pwede mamili ng trabaho. Kahit anong trabaho, tatanggapin mo basta may mapakain ka sa pamilya mo.”

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  • Mario
    7 September 2014 at 2:14 am - Reply

    Good news to our kababayan, more jobs available, under Obama’s admin. there are 93M unemployed. Foodsstamps alone is 28M, Homeless is 2.2M, Prisoners is 1M, those who stop receiving Unemployment check is about 25M, American receiving unemployment check is 22M and many more. This month 140K jobs were created(employed), but 300K were lost.Majority of the jobs created are part time jobs.I wish the new retail stores, will run like Wallmart, without Union membership.

  • wil
    7 September 2014 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    That is a bunch of bull and you know it. When President Obama came to office the US was losing an average of 300,000 jobs a month; now the US is gaining an average of 200,000 jobs a month. I don’t know where you went to school, but my math tells me that is a 500,000 a month job swing. I will acknowledge they may not be the best paying jobs but they are jobs none-the-less. I see you like Wallmart where the profit is high and the pay is low. That is your model!? hmmmmmm?