Midwest blasted with record winter weather

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — What most people from the Midwest have been dreading has finally arrived.

Chicago has broken the January 30 record low which was -15 degrees in 1966. As of 7 this morning, it was -23 at Ohare international airport. Wind chills have dropped into the negative 50s across northeast Illinois into northwest Indiana this morning.

People are experiencing a blistering wind chill around Chicago.

 “It is extremely cold that someone can experience frostbite on exposed skin in five minutes or less.”

According to the National Weather Service, about 90 million people will continue to experience below-zero degrees from this polar vortex.

There have been at least 6 weather-related deaths, and over a thousand canceled flights. Utility company Comed reports that there are 24,000 people without power, systemwide. 270 warming centers have been created including libraries, park houses, community centers, police stations, and churches.

States of emergency have been declared by the governors of Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

34-year old Lhancy Velasquez panicked when their furnace or house heater broke 3 days prior to the anticipated cold temperature.

“Sobra akong kinabahan lalo na para sa mga anak ko. Actually nagtanong na nga ako ng mga pwedeng matirhan nila, pagdalhan sa kanila. Kasi ako, okay lang ako eh. Okay lang ako lamigin. Kaya ko ‘yan. Pero ‘yung dalawang yon, hindi sila pwede lamigin. Kaya kinausap ko yung family namin, ni-ready ko na mga gamit nila para kung sakaling doon sila.”

With a 3-bedroom-2-bath home, Velasquez and family used this small space heater temporarily, as they waited for the delivery of the furnace.

“Ikinabit niya kaagad kasi naaawa siya sa amin. Naaawa siya kasi malamig masyado para sa mga bata. Nagpapasalamat ako na hindi sila nagkasakit. ‘Yun yung takot ng ina.”

According to Dr. Gerardo Gueco, the absence of heat inside the house is extremely dangerous, especially in these weather conditions.

“The rhythm of the heart can be affected causing a Fatal Arrhythmia causing our death. It can also affect our mental state, it can make us confused, it can also affect our breathing, especially people who have certain diseases, the old and the young, the ones with diabetes, the malnourished. If they dont have enough heat at home, they would be at risk of being the ones really affected by this extreme temperature.”

 For over 3 decades, Ruby Dimalanta has been driving the US postal vehicle, rain or shine.

But this week, United States Postal Service announced that they will not be delivering mail on Wednesday as everyone is advised to stay indoors until the storm has passed.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat or gloom of night will prevent mail carriers from completing their point of rounds. But with this bitter cold weather we’re gonna have, our safety comes first.”

The Forecast shows a warmer weekend, in the 40s, and no snow in the horizon, until Wednesday next week.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    31 January 2019 at 1:28 am - Reply

    According to Lito Cortez (D-Vallejo), there so many Filipinos who chose to believe global warming as the real deal…Although global warming was debunked about ais so freezing cold now and I have not seen can nor heard any global warming theorist or strategists talking about the ocean is warming up…

  • Mario
    31 January 2019 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Global Warming, change to Climate Change, but what is happening is Global cooling. Climate change is NOT cause by MAN, it is a CYCLE. The heat of the SUN melt the ice & makes everything colder.The Ice covers the vegetation, which lower the CO2 in the atmosphere, then it get even colder and the ice eventually melt. The plant grows resulted to more CO2 in the air. until it gets warmer.. That is the cycle, not caused by human, caused by the BEHAVIOR of the SUN…. OBAMA supported CLIMATE CHANGE at Paris accord, promised US will give $200B for the program, this is allegedly the payoff, for being elected thru the support of the Globalist. Trump withdrew at Paris accord, this is where the Globalist theory comes in;”Never Again a Billionaire will be elected”, there is no payoff.. Climate change is a RACKET, the end game is CARBON TAX, why are we going to pay for the air we breath, is it because the Democrat and said it is cause by human, and it is our fault. BTW EU is paying Carbon Tax, that is why the yellow vest in France was born….